Busfinder - Live display of all vehicles


Busfinder - Live display of all Auto Bus Ltd. buses

What was previously reserved for users of the UBER app and dispatchers in the control center can now be seen live by Auto Bus Ltd. Liestal passengers on their desktop or cell phone: Where is my bus?

In collaboration with Auto Bus Ltd. Liestal, the eyeloveyou agency and PassengerTV, InnoTix has developed a digital innovation in public transport: the live display of all buses in regular service on an interactive map. Every 12 to 18 seconds, each bus transmits its current position, regardless of whether it is in a traffic jam, at a stop or traveling at 80 km/h on the route. On the map, the bus drives animatedly along its actual route, also cleanly around every traffic circle and on roads reserved for public transport.


  • Current position of vehicles on map 
  • Display of route number and destination (external display according to IBIS)
  • Animation of the route between two positions based on public transport route map
  • Next departures per stop (DFI)
  • Integration of stop timetables
  • Suppression of service and extra journeys
  • Various basic maps possible (e.g. Googlemaps, Open Streetmap)



The passenger is thus well informed and can estimate when his bus will arrive or whether the child should be home by now. 

InnoTix also offers the bus finder for your website for an annual fee, depending on the number of vehicles. Please get in touch with us.