Origa - iPad as on-board Computer


With the new «Origa» on-board computer from InnoTix, the entire interior of a bus, from the destination display and the interior monitors to the stop announcements and the display for the driver, is controlled exclusively by an iPad for the first time. The iPad is the on-board computer.

Tracking (using an external antenna) and communication with the control center are also carried out directly via the tablet. The bus drivers are also supported with information on timetable deviations in real time, the connection situation at transport hubs and a navigation map. And to keep their eyes on the road, a small head-up display completes the equipment.

In the days of ancient Rome, steered carriages were an innovation in transport technology. The drivers of these carriages were called «Origa». And «Origa» is also the name of the new on-board computer, which can be installed on any standard iPad. «Origa» as the digital charioteer of the present day.

Innovative Elements of Origa


The iPad as a central computing and communication unit. High cost savings thanks to the consistent use of standard commercial hardware.

Software instead of hardware

Reduced and thus very favorable vehicle equipment through software instead of hardware.


Important information is provided to the driver via a Headup Display, while the inputs are made on the tablet, keeping the driver's eyes on the road.

Accurate Tracking

Regardless of where it is located, the position of the stop is clear. This also enables a greatly simplified data supply.

Open Standard Interfaces

Data access and data exchange consistently via open Standard Interfaces.

 Vehicle Components of Origa  


The iPad is the central control and computing unit on the vehicle. It is itself the on-board computer, connects the vehicle to the Internet (e.g. for connection queries, real-time delivery to the data hub, voice communication), controls the vehicle peripherals (IBIS master for external displays, validators, LSA control via Sesam etc.) and handles voice and data communication.

The «Origa Drive» app is installed on the iPad, which controlls all on-board computer functions and the driver interface (displays while driving, touch inputs).

The following mountings and use cases are possible:

  • Driver brings iPad and docks it on the prepared holder, connects it to the bus (power, IBIS, localization) and starts the Origa app.
  • The iPad is permanently installed, locked in theft-proof and runs in kiosk mode (only the Origa app can be used on the iPad).
  • The iPads are permanently installed in the vehicles, and the personal driver tablet can also be connected and used at any time as a fallback device.

An FAA-certified component is used to mount the tablet, according to the motto «what works in an Airbus also works for a bus on the road».


Data Transmission

The iPad's SIM card (4G, 5G) or any existing vehicle router can be used for communication with other vehicles, the control center and data hubs. The next connections are obtained directly by the iPad from the data hub or the Open Data Platform for Swiss Mobility.



Although the iPad has a built-in positioning module, the use of an external antenna is recommended. With the Origa antenna, tracking is possible to an accuracy of at least 2 meters. The bus can be located exactly at a stop or the sequence of several buses in a row can be determined, even under a roof. Various satellite systems, a gyroscope and the wheel tick are combined to compose this information. This precise information enables a greatly simplified data supply, e.g. for construction sites or short-term detour.

Fieldbus Coupler

IBIS devices (in accordance with german regulations) and the necessary inputs/outputs on the vehicle are connected to the iPad via a Fieldbus Coupler (e.g. stop request, button, door signal, etc.). If required, the Canbus can also be read. IBIS-IP devices can be connected directly.


Voice Communication

For voice communication with the driver, either the hands-free microphone and the loudspeaker of the iPad can be used, or an external microphone and loudspeakers (for driver, passenger compartment and exterior) can be connected.


Passenger Monitors

Interior monitors are seamlessly controlled through the iPad using an HDMI adapter, facilitating easy installation of commercially available monitors with standard HDMI inputs. This setup offers versatile content customization, allowing for tailored displays such as upcoming stops, connection details, fault notifications, maps, advertisements, and more, all managed through software. Compliance with the regulations on standards for customer information in public transport by Alliance SwissPass is ensured.



So that drivers can keep their eyes on the road, important functions are shown on the windshield, using the Headup Display. This transparent screen can, for example, display navigation information (turn left in x meters), the timetable deviation or a stop request.


Icon Origa Drive

«Origa Drive» is the basic app for the driver tablet, on-board computer, IBIS master, communication and precise positioning.

Extra Packages

Monitor Package

Optical passenger information


Acoustic driver and passenger information


Radio control of traffic light systems


Visual driver information on the windshield.

The necessary hardware can also be procured directly by the customer. A list of materials will be provided.

Installation can be carried out by your own vehicle electricians or by a certified third-party company commissioned by us.

Icon Origa Dispo

With «Origa Dispo», dispatchers in the control center, in the home office or on the road can see the vehicles in real time on a map and, where necessary, communicate directly via the tablet with a vehicle, a line or all drivers (announcements, text messages, VOIP calls, etc.) and take action in the operation. 

For larger companies with an existing control center, Origa Drive can be connected.

Origa ITCS as a service

ITCS as a service – Hardware, Software, installation, Maintenance, Spare parts, Operation and Support at a fixed monthly price per vehicle. Without any risk, flexibly adaptable to current and future needs.

Product Status

Test in the Field Laboratory of VBG Innovation-Line 759

The first hardware was installed in a VBG bus in 2020 and tested for more than two years in everyday service to ensure its suitability in the vehicle; a complete prototype was then installed in January 2022. In the weeks that followed, «Origa» was used in normal regular service and put to the test. With the knowledge gained on a daily basis and feedback from bus drivers on functionality and handling, «Origa» was continuously developed further and the first test phase was successfully completed at the end of April.

«We carried out a successful test operation. Thanks to the positive but also critical feedback from the bus drivers, a steep learning curve was achieved.» (Mario Butti, VBG Operations Coordinator)

The «Origa» test was also a positive experience for VBG and a confirmation of the idea behind its «Innovation-Line 759» as a so-called field laboratory. Here, innovative ideas that are still in the beta phase of development can be tested in reality and experience gained. 

«I am most pleased that the innovation line is also proving itself as a field laboratory and creating synergy potential between public transport operators and the industry.» (Matthias Keller, Director VBG)

Next Steps

The use of «Origa» in regular service has confirmed the potential of the new on-board computer and the suitability of the concept. The expectations of significantly reducing the costs of the final equipment for the new buses, on the one hand, and providing drivers with a simple and user-friendly system, on the other, have been fulfilled.

In the next phase of the project, InnoTix will use the knowledge gained from the test in the field laboratory to further develop the pilot version of the «Origa» on-board computer, which will then be piloted at other bus companies and developed into the final product.


We would be happy to provide you with further information, a demo or to discuss a possible test operation.

Following the successful pilot vehicle, InnoTix is looking for another partner to equip a line or a small network with Origa as an on-board computer (ideally 5 to 15 vehicles). In addition to a very cost-effective solution, you will also have the opportunity to actively shape this innovative approach with the on-board computer on the iPad and become a pioneer in equipping your next-generation vehicles. Lukas Haldemann, Managing Director and owner, will be happy to assist you personally.


Does Origa also run on Android tablets?

No, for the current phase of development we have opted for native development on an iPad.

Why did InnoTix choose the Apple platform, especially the iPad?

The iPad and iPadOS offer many advantages in terms of architecture: good security standards, robust devices, good performance.

Do you need a special iPad?

The iPad only needs a USB-C connection. Everything else is included in the Origa Drive app.

What else needs to be installed in the bus besides the iPad?

The basic package only requires a DIN Rail with fieldbus coupler and power supply as well as the external antenna. No computer, the iPad is the on-board computer.

Are the components approved for operation in the bus?

All components used are approved or approvable in Switzerland. Some of the certifications meet the higher requirements for railroad operation. A special cable is only required for the HDMI cable.

Can existing monitors be used?

Existing monitors can be connected via IBIS or HDMI.

Is Origa compatible with existing ITCS systems?

We deliberately chose the greenfield development approach in order to be able to completely rethink the vehicle equipment. Existing control systems can be connected in accordance with german standards or, if necessary, via data hubs, or remain installed in the vehicle in parallel during a transition phase, provided they can be used as IBIS slaves.

Are there also functions for ticketing and driver sales?

Cash registers, validators, ticket printers etc. can be connected via IBIS or installed in parallel as an app on the iPad.



Founder sells InnoTix after 20 years

InnoTix Ltd. is sold to WellDev Ltd. after 20 years. WellDev founder Philipp Wellstein will also become CEO of InnoTix Ltd. from mid-March 2024. The existing business will continue unchanged as a subsidiary of WellDev Ltd. WellDev's global presence will enable rapid international positioning of the Electronic Driver Bag as the leading industry solution for digital employee communication in the mobility sector. WellDev's additional resources will also enable the rapid market launch of new digitalization solutions in public transport, such as Origa, the first on-board computer on iPad.

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